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Green Globe Certification

Very much a transient location, Dubai has an ever-changing and diverse population that helps create its unique charm as a bustling fast-paced city environment.  With this however, comes environmental challenges and it is seen as the responsibility and choice of companies and individuals to inspire green initiatives and environmental care.

Concerns regarding the substantial impact of tourism not only in the GCC but the global environment are driving the hotels and businesses green commitment and we as a property, led by our GM, felt we wanted to take the steps to inspire the hospitality industry to take sustainability seriously. 

Park Regis hotel is one of those companies that do care, even with 390 rooms to maintain; we have to be efficient which isn't always easy especially when you consider the operations that are executed daily – it's a 24 hour running ship!
Just thinking about the washing of towels and linen, the bottles of soap we consume, napkins to pencils used– there are so many methods we review with the view improve efficiency on a day to day basis. 

By taking the measures we needed to, an in-depth sustainability audit conducted by Farnek Consulting, GGC's exclusive partner in the Middle East; we were able to make changes and receive an award from the International Green Globe Certification (GGC) board that recognized our efforts and reinforces our commitment to the emirates' transition towards a greener economy.

Farnek Consulting commended us for demonstrating ‘top to bottom' commitment to the certification process, noting our team members were involved at all levels and across all departments. 
So how did we do it? By starting with the simplest steps; encouraging team members to switch off computers and office lights when not in use and then we tackled the larger steps such as launching a dedicated waste separation and recycling programme.
The Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel Dubai team has illustrated anything can be achieved through hard work and real commitment to achieve change, with a clear two-year strategy and a well thought-out environmental plan. 
By building on our newly certificated status, we as a hotel will roll out a number of new carbon footprint-reducing initiatives throughout 2013 and create an internal forum to generate further ideas and proposals involving the very people that made this all possible; the Park Regis employees.
With Franek's web-based Hotel Optimizer technology at hand, we can monitor our performance of energy and water consumption as well as our non-recyclable waste production, calculate our CO2 emissions and analyze the savings not only on operational costs but costs to our environment without compromising our guests' comfort or experience.
We know that more often than not the modern traveler and companies consider green policies when selecting hotels. People do want to protect the planet by making responsible environmental choices. Now at the Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel Dubai, guests can enjoy the same high quality 5 star treatment and stay they are used to but with a clear conscience.

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